State Of Vermont, Assisted By The Pawa Law Group, Filed Suit Against Oil Companies That Used MTBE In Their Gasoline.

Pawa Law Group, P.C. is pleased to announce that the State of Vermont, assisted by the Pawa Law Group and two other national firms, filed suit today against oil companies that used the chemical MTBE in their gasoline. The suit names over twenty oil company defendants, including ExxonMobil, Shell, Sunoco, Citgo, BP, Chevron and Irving Oil, as responsible for contamination of Vermont's groundwater with MTBE.

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Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly has named Matt Pawa a "2013 Lawyer of the Year."

Recognized for his exceptional success in 2013, Pawa is featured in the January 20 2014 issue in a Q&A piece in which he discusses the epic battle between the State of New Hampshire and America's major oil companies that resulted in $136 million in settlements and a $236 million jury verdict against ExxonMobil in April, 2013.

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New Hampshire Supreme Court Decides Parens Patriae Appeal

The Pawa Firm is pleased to announce that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has held that the State has proper “parens patriae” standing to seek monetary damages for contamination of privately owned wells throughout the State in its case against oil companies that added the chemical MTBE to gasoline.

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Courts as Battlefields in Climate Fights

New York Times

Tiny Kivalina, Alaska, does not have a hotel, a restaurant or a movie theater. But it has a very big lawsuit that might affect the way the nation deals with climate change

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