Environmental Litigation

Our environmental law practice handles major cases with national and even international significance.

We have represented the State of New Hampshire since 2003 in an MTBE groundwater pollution case against numerous national oil companies, including ExxonMobil, Irving Oil, Shell Oil Co., Amerada Hess Corp., and others. We have obtained over $130 million in pre-trial settlements and a jury verdict of $236 million against ExxonMobil in 2013.

We are well known for our role in launching global warming litigation. We filed the first tort case (AEP) against greenhouse gas polluters in 2004 in collaboration with eight state attorneys general and have been leaders in the field of global warming litigation ever since.

We represented Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, and Environmental Defense as defendant-intervenors in three parallel cases filed against the states of California, Vermont and Rhode Island by the automobile industry; the industry sought to strike down state laws that regulate greenhouse gases. We won all three of these cases. Click here to read more on the automobile cases (also known as the Pavley cases).

We represented an Inupiat Eskimo tribe living in Kivalina, Alaska against major oil and electric power corporations and the nation's largest coal company in the Kivalina case. Kivalina is located on a narrow barrier island on the Chukchi Sea in the Arctic Circle. The case sought monetary damages so that the village could be relocated due to the ravages of global warming, which has melted the sea ice that formerly protected Kivalina from ocean storms. The federal government estimated the cost of relocation to be $400 million or more.

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