New Hampshire Supreme Court Decides Parens Patriae Appeal

January 11, 2011

New Hampshire Supreme Court decides parens patriae appeal. The Pawa Firm is pleased to announce that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has held that the State has proper “parens patriae” standing to seek monetary damages for contamination of privately owned wells throughout the State in its case against oil companies that added the chemical MTBE to gasoline. The defendants had argued that the State could never pursue a legal claim to recover monetary damages for contamination in privately owned wells but the state high court disagreed and allowed the State to bring such a claim and to have the opportunity to prove statewide contamination in support of its parens patriae standing.

  • To see the court’s opinion in the case, click here and here.
  • To hear the oral argument in the in New Hamphsire Supreme Court in which Matt Pawa argued for the State, click here.