"In 1997, a hazardous waste corporation sued me for a million dollars for speaking out and taking action against its incinerator in my community. Matt Pawa defended me. I have worked with many lawyers over the years, but Matt Pawa is truly a standout. He doggedly pursued justice in my case and that was the key to success. He went on the offensive against the corporation by seeking early termination of the case on free speech grounds and by forcing the corporation to produce evidence in support of its case. The company dropped its suit in the face of his vigorous advocacy on my behalf. In addition, he communicated with me as an equal, seeking my input in the case and involving me every step of the way. Often lawyers are hard to reach, but Matt was always there for me, providing an added feeling of security during a time of extraordinary stress. It is obvious that Matt cares about people and the environment. He is a champion of the people. Matt Pawa has the potential to be another Clarence Darrow --- defending free speech, preserving democracy and protecting the rights of all citizens."

Terry Swearingen
Renown environmental activist