Cape Wind

In the Cape Wind battle, we represented Clean Power Now, a former citizens group formed to promote clean energy that supported the project to build a wind park in Nantucket Sound. CPN, represented by the Pawa Firm, intervened in the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board litigation in support of the Cape Wind project. We played a key role in obtaining an across-the-board victory for the Cape Wind project in the EFSB litigation: the EFSB issued to Cape Wind a "composite certificate" that represented a unified permit for all state and local permits needed by Cape Wind. This was the first-ever composite certificate issued by the EFSB. The President of Cape Wind, Jim Gordon, publicly acknowledged the role of the Pawa Firm in securing the state composite permit for Cape Wind. In a letter to Clean Power Now Gordon stated that the Cape Wind composite certificate "would not have been granted without the contribution Clean Power Now and its legal team made throughout the many months of hearings and written pleadings" and that "your attorneys Matt Pawa and Mark Reilly were brilliant and passionate in their advocacy for this critically needed certificate."

The opponents appealed the EFSB decision to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, where we represented Clean Power Now as an intervenor in the appeal. The SJC upheld the permit.

  • To read a copy of the EFSB’s decision, click here.
  • To read our legal brief in the EFSB, click here.
  • To read our legal brief in the Massachusetts high court, click here.

Our legal work for Clean Power Now represented a new and important moment for the environmental conservation movement: actively supporting clean energy developments that are environmentally sound. Most environmental litigation seeks to oppose developments. We asserted the positive vision of a clean energy future on behalf of the many citizens whose voices were represented by Clean Power Now.